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We are so hyped to have ethical plant therapeutics brand: Ume part of our coming Winter Box! We have interviewed her lovely founder: Emma Leafe.

Who are you, where are you from and where in the world are you now?

My name is Emma Leafe, I’m an artisan at Ume. My company is based in London. 

How often do you take some “me time” and how important it is for you?

Oh every day!! I have built so many rituals over the last years that are nourishing – they are now a vital part of me enjoying life. Every morning I take an hour for myself just to land. I meditate, sometimes read, sometimes practice my guitar, or do yoga or movement practice. It changes and flows throughout the year. I walk a lot and really value my walk through the city. Stopping to notice the leaves, or flowers … the sky … or just marvel at the hustle and bustle. Me-time is so important, I’m here on this planet to experience something … I don’t want to miss it by making myself be always running – although naturally it happens. The practice is then to bring it all back again to harmony and pleasure. 

What are your favourite wellbeing rituals to do at home?

Starting the day with meditation with a cup of wild red tea. Lighting a stick of calming natural incense, usually sandalwood at this time of year as it softens my mood. It’s such a pleasure to breathe in sacred, nurturing natural fragrances the plant kingdom offers us. I’m so grateful to plants for supporting us as they do. In the evening I love to relax by creating a meal from scratch, enhancing the ambience with reviving incense and warming music. Try it – smouldering a stick of natural incense is often the missing link to fulfil you in those moments of me-time or sharing space. You might notice how everyone relaxes when soothing scents surround.

What are the benefits of your brand to a person’s wellbeing?

Our products are made consciously. This means we care about giving you the full experience. We aim to share the primary scent of the plant with you … not a replica of a scent. The botanical compound is released for the first time when the incense smoulders … you can breathe in this medicine, align with it. Ume incense has benefits such as relaxation, mood enhancement – I mean you can really shift a bad mood just by lighting a stick of natural incense and allowing the pure scent to wash over you. Your mind can focus on something beautiful, positive, breaking cycling thoughts which may be distracting you. I believe handmade objects can also put you back in touch with what is real. You can feel and see the textures that have been made under your finger tips. There’s an essence that radiates from handmade things. They fill you up with energy – not deplete you, as I find some mass produced objects and spaces can.

What does intuition mean to you? And do you follow it often?

Intuition for me is my deepest knowing. The silence within. The part that makes me hesitate, become alert or light up joyfully. I listen to my intuition more and more, not questioning its seeming mysteriousness. Trusting she is seeing beyond what I currently can.

Discover the brand in our coming box. Get one for yourself or for a loved one now!

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