The House

Welcome to the House of Jiriki. With rituals, practices and a selection of intuitively curated products, 1-1 sessions & events, we invite you in to discover unique ways to harness happiness.
Together, we can make every day a fresh opportunity to build your house of balance.

Our body, mind and soul work together to create our overall wellbeing and it is scientific fact. Research reveals we have three separate neural pathway networks, leading to the head, the gut and the heart, called the 3 “brains”.  Here we call them the 3 “houses” and they are all capable of controlling how we think, feel and react. 

The “BF”

(Balance Formula)

Healthy body

keeps us well and dynamic

Healthy mind

keeps us focused and motivated

Healthy soul

keeps us at peace and content

love & wellbeing​

This is why it’s vital to understand the importance of balancing our 3 Houses and identify ways to improve and maintain health in each area.


senses + processes matter

Nourish your temple:
• Sleep
• Eat healthy
• Connect with your body
• Drink high quality water and take baths in natural waters


thinks + processes information

Empower your navigation tool:
• Watch your thoughts
• Know your boundaries
• Take some “me time” every day.
• Share your life with inspiring people


feels + processes wisdom

Elevate your creative energy:
• Indulge in your passions
• Love it or leave it
• Listen to your intuition
• Be kind to yourself. Always.