Tarot Reading ~ October to December 2023

photo by Cottonbro Studio

Happy Autumn Season! Here are your predictions for the three coming months:


In October, nurturing compassion, emotional wisdom, and intuition should be priorities. Lead with empathy, listen to your heart, and care for others tenderly.

However, you might encounter some indecisiveness inner conflicts, or be at a crossroads, blocking progress. You must find the clarity needed to make resolute decisions.

Despite challenges, courage and inner resolve will help overcome anything in your path. Have faith in your resilience and handle difficulties gently but firmly.

Overall, I see a guidance to lead with sensitivity and care for others, but also stand strong in your truth. Don’t let indecision paralyse you – tap into your robust inner wisdom. With perseverance and self-control, you will navigate this time of transition.

Be patient with those struggling and set boundaries when needed. Manage disagreements with composure, focus on remaining steady in the midst of uncertainty and have confidence in where the path is guiding you.


In November, there may be cause for celebrating successes, big or small. Recognise the progress made so far and share in the pride of accomplishments.

However, it might be a good time to pause in order to re-evaluate plans and next steps before pursuing further growth. Reflect on what needs more time or a shift in method and lay foundations mindfully.

This month optimism and positivity will be vital. Nurture joy and enthusiasm in your community by appreciating each moment. Spread hope and reassurance to lift spirits.

Overall, I see this month as an encouragement to acknowledge milestones achieved while also thoughtfully plotting the path ahead. Avoid complacency and remain motivated by emphasising gratitude and remind yourself and everyone around you that the future is bright through conscious optimism.

Take time to rest and integrate lessons learned thus far and identify priorities before moving forward. Express inspirational ideas, support each other through challenges and trust in the unfolding journey.


You’re advised to approach the month of December with creativity, playfulness, and an open heart. This is a time for imagination, self-expression and connecting to your inner childlike wonder.

However, the need for reflection, new perspectives and perhaps temporary waiting or delays will be pointed out. Be patient, look at things from different angles, and resist rushing forward.

It will also be a good time to focus on learning, skill building and laying strong foundations for the future. Take a studious, committed approach to growth and avoid scatteredness.

Overall, I see this guidance as nurturing creativity and joyful connection but balancing it with thoughtful introspection and diligent self-improvement. Avoid impatience and instead find meaning in moments of pause. Build knowledge brick-by-brick.

Communicate your feelings openly, meditate on life’s mysteries, and focus energies where they are most needed. Support others going through transitions, share compassion and wisdom and enjoy simple pleasures

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