Tarot Reading ~ January to March 2024

photo by Melike Benli

Happy Winter Season! Here are your predictions for the three coming months:


The Tower often represents sudden change, upheaval, or external “wakeup calls” that force a new perspective. Paired with the Two of Wands, this implies January may bring unexpected shifts that motivate planning for your next chapter. Though destabilising initially, see this as an opportunity for progress.

The Five of Wands shows inner or outer conflict, tension, and diverse opinions clashing. During times of change, it’s common for increased friction or disagreements to emerge as people adjust. Seek higher ground in January – be a harmonising force, not a provoking one.

Focus on resilient adaptability, staying true to your core values and purpose even amidst swirling change this month. Lead by example in non-attachment, embracing uncertainty and avoiding knee-jerk reactions. Your grounded presence will be a compass for others.

Most importantly, spur positive momentum amidst this month’s unpredictability and chart a new course aligned to your most authentic vision. The Tower breaks down only what no longer serves your self-growth so trust this necessary destruction and look ahead. The possibilities ahead are still unfolding, you’re advised to take charge of intentionally shaping them.


The Three of Pentacles points to collaboration, teamwork and pooling skills and resources to build something impactful together. February is a powerful month for yourself to unite forces around a shared goal or project with others. Support and guide one another in taking tangible steps forward.

The Six of Cups often relates to nostalgia, childhood memories, and connecting to one’s inner child. In February, make space for playfulness, imagination, and recalling how you got where you are now. Tap into the innocent joy and optimism you felt when first planting the seeds of what you’ve been harvesting recently.

The Five of Cups cautions about focusing on loss, disappointment, or perceived failures. February is a time to practice gratitude for how far you’ve come – don’t allow setbacks or unmet expectations to overshadow appreciation. Healing happens by acknowledging the blessings present now.

Overall, February gifts an opening to firmly establish yourself by aligning your strengths like puzzle pieces. Revisit your foundation and your soul’s purpose. The potential ahead is bright.


The King of Swords points to clear judgment and reason, and making objective decisions. Paired with the conflict-laden Five of Swords, March requires discernment to avoid disputes and navigate charged situations wisely so seek diplomatic solutions, not escalating aggression.

The Eight of Wands reflects fast movement and progress. However, when combined with the turbulent Five of Swords, it cautions against rushing ahead blindly so thoughtful planning and consideration is needed around new initiatives or changes in March.

This month gifts opportunities for swift growth, but the waters may feel choppy. Self-aware leadership is crucial to avoid dictating solely based on one perspective. Therefore, you’re advised to seek alignment through open and thorough communication and foster compassion along the way.

Most importantly, uphold integrity and truth even in tense moments. Don’t compromise values or exploit others’ vulnerabilities when challenged but aim for resonant action. Though the path forward requires care, you have all the resources within and around you to arrive safely.

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