Tarot Reading ~ April to June 2023

Happy Spring Season! Here are your predictions for the three coming months:


April will be the perfect time for a fresh start that leaves the past behind and enhances what is new.

You are destined to find emotionally fulfilling relationships during this time. An abundance of good things is coming your way, your cup will runneth over!

If the Winter season has been intense, know that it will lighten up in April. A sunny time in your life, full of energy and positive emotions is due.

You’ll probably want to embrace your social side more this season. It looks like forming new relationships, whether this is on the romantic front or on a platonic level, will be a key element this month.

If you have been considering going out more, April will be a great time to do it! Your positive energy will attract new friendships and relationships that will bring success in your career, money, love, and overall health.

If you’ve been going through physical or emotional difficulty long enough, Spring is the time you will return to feeling energetic and vivacious once again. This will bring you a great amount of relief. Soak it up and continue to invest in your health.

April and the beginning of the Spring season, will be about new beginnings, happiness, triumph, and joy. You are feeling full of life and you are attracting new relationships left and right. It’s a time in your life that will be positive overall.

This is especially true if you’re thinking of taking a new path or embracing a fresh start.


In May, you will be passionate about your morals and desires, and shouldn’t be afraid to defend them. You shouldn’t be concerned with offending anyone nor should you worry about how others might think of you.

Remember not to allow yourself to compromise your thoughts and opinions to make others more comfortable or to avoid an argument. You are encouraged to stand confidently and defend yourself if need be.

Refusing to yield, being firm, and demonstrating strong character, it is unlikely that you will be defeated.

Be called upon to exercise your willpower and stand up for what you believe in.

Asserting yourself, going after what you want, and holding out against pressure will all be required in May. I’m sure you have what it takes to make this happen. 

It is also a good time to plant your feet firmly and take a fixed position. Doing so will bring about both success and a boost in self-confidence.

Life is too short to sacrifice your own happiness and wellbeing for someone who isn’t committed to seeing you be your best self. As hard as it may be to achieve, we must make sure that every part of our existence is building us up versus breaking us down. 


The end of Spring will be the season of warmth, gentleness, and love. You’ll be receiving the kind of news you hoped for. This may be a wedding proposal, an unexpected job offer, or new friends.

As June will be all about loyalty, happiness, fruitful relationships, and joy, it will be an exciting time!

A new romantic interest, friendship, or business venture might see the light. 

If you have been single for a while, your Prince/Princess Charming is about to make their big appearance.

No matter how badly you have been hurt in the past, don’t let it get in the way of your happy ending.

Your intuition will be quite high in June, use it for the search of hidden truths and you might find yourself delving into deep, hidden layers to unearth secrets and mysteries. Maybe starting a new spiritual class or workshop.

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