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We are so thrilled to have Master Healer: Sushma Sagar Founder of Harley Street Energy Medicine Clinic The Calmery part of our coming Spring Box! We have interviewed her.

Who are you, where are you from and where in the world are you now?

I’m am Sushma Sagar, an Energy Healing Expert & Author living in London UK.

How often do you take some “me time” and how important it is for you?

I take ‘me time’ every day! As a practicing healer running a clinic in London’s west end and online, in order to bring my best self to every session, to have the space and presence for every client and student I work with, I must give myself that space and presence too.  It’s absolutely crucial and that includes taking time every day to do something for my own wellbeing – it means I’m more likely to flow through the day with grace.

What are your favourite wellbeing rituals to do at home?

Whenever possible I like to wake naturally and take about 30 minutes to sit quietly, either self-healing, or meditating (or both) before I let the day in. I may record my dream if I can remember it and since the pandemic started, I’ve become more conscious of how precious every single moment is so I always give thanks to be alive for another day. Before I sleep, I also enjoy jotting down thoughts and if I’ve been doing healings, I love a salt bath. Regularly smudging, incense burning and essential oil use features at home. 

What are the benefits of your brand to a person’s wellbeing?

My mission has always been to normalise energy healing, to communicate the benefits of energy work in a really ordinary way, so that most people can see why it could help them and may try it out. My intention is to make the subject accessible for normal people, not necessarily ‘hippies’ or ‘witchy’ types! The Calmery brand benefits are calmness, clarity, connectedness, empowerment, freedom, empathy, softness and strength. These attributes are there to make people feel much much better about everything and able to handle whatever life serves up. 

What does healing mean to you? And do you practice self-healing often?

Healing is anything that brings about health or makes you feel whole again. Energy Healing is my go-to practice, but I also find mindful activities such as cooking or weaving extremely healing as they take me out of my head and into my hands, they quieten the noise of my mind and this allows me to regenerate.  I practice self-healing every day in bed, it puts me to sleep and I often wake up with hot hands as I’ve been self-healing all night in my sleep. After nearly 2 decades of practice, I do it without even thinking anymore, it’s just a part of who I am. 

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