Sound Awakening x Hoj

We are so grateful to have Sound Healing Practitioner & Somatic Coach Louise from Sound Awakening part of our Autumn Box‘s online workshop! We have interviewed her.

Who are you, where are you from and where in the world are you now?

My name is Louise Shiels, I’m a sound healing practitioner & yoga nidra guide and am currently based in the Cotswolds.

How often do you take some “me time” and how important it is for you?

Every morning I have my practice to ease me from the dreaming world to the waking world. I try to be as slow and soft as possible in the morning and this feeds my day.

What are your favourite wellbeing rituals to do at home?

Yoga Nidra is hands down my favourite wellbeing practice. It’s just so easily accessible to all and you can literally do it anywhere…well most places!

What are the benefits of your brand to a person’s wellbeing?

My brand is all about cultivating slowness and softness, assisting & supporting the nervous system to be able to come into a rest & restore response with ease and at will. When we nurture our nervous system we can function from a much more harmonious place in the world and increase our capacity to deal with all that life throws our way.

One piece of advice to help reconnecting with our body?

Developing our sense of listening. Slowing everything down, creating space and then there is room for us to hear the subtle messages of the body. Approach any kind of somatic enquiry and connection with a sense of curiosity and awareness that there is a lot of information stored there so being gentle with ourselves as things arise, holding ourselves with care.

Discover Louise in our coming box. Get one for yourself or for a loved one now!

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