Shoreditch House x HOJ ~ follow your guides

We were so thrilled to have you tonight for this beautiful Body Love and Sound Bath workshop!

We hope you enjoyed and you feel confident, 100% relaxed, connected and grounded.

Watch a part of your self-love body massage with Ayanna below so you can re do it at home:

The full workshop lasts 1h30 and includes self-massage techniques by Ayanna as well as a yoga Nidra practice & a sound bath by Louise Shiels. It is part of the House of Jiriki Autumn Box!

Your Guides

More info about Aya (Moon and Soma):

Aya is an Ayurvedic practitioner and lifelong student of the Vedic sciences. Her interest in herbal medicine and the body’s innate ability to heal itself led her on a journey into Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish and energy healing. In recent years, she has also reconnected with her Japanese roots in her study of tea ceremony, and is passionate about promoting tea as a ritual.

Read Aya’s interview with us.

Follow her: @moonandsoma

More info about Jane (House of Jiriki):

Jane is the founder of House of Jiriki which she has created after realising the impact that wellbeing rituals, holistic & spiritual practices had on her ability to harness her own happiness. She became passionate about helping others do the same. She is also a psychic medium, tarot reader and reiki practitioner.

Read Jane’s interview on Wellness In The City podcast.

Follow her: @houseofjiriki

More info about Ayanna (Birchwood Body):

Ayanna is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist. As a bodywork enthusiast, Ayanna uses her skills to help you get “back in touch” with yourself. Her brand Birchwood Body offers highly praised 1-1 bespoke massage treatments. A flow that’s intuitive and deep healing and tailored to your needs and concerns.

Read Ayanna’s interview with us.

Follow her: @birchwoodbody

More info about Olivia (UMA GAIA):

Olivia Panella (UMA GAIA) is a compassionate conduit; a holistic health practitioner; carrying a lifetime in healing arts and innate gifts from birth. She focuses on energy healing but is grounded in the real-world. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Leader, Quartz Crystal Sound Healer, Therapeutic Grade Crystal Healer and has training in additional alternative/ancient healing modalities.

Read Olivia’s interview with us.

Follow her: @uma.gaia

Did you love the workshop and would like to tune in more into your self-power?

Your body holds infinite wisdom and insight, pointing to what needs attention in your life. But how well do you hear its messages and answer its calls? Learn to reconnect with your body in this new House of J workshop part of the Autumn box, book and personalise your box now here!