House of Jiriki is a collection of ritual boxes, products & events that bring the balance and serenity of a wellness retreat to you.
Now you don’t need to worry about scheduling in self care – we give you all the tools you need to making rebalancing part of your routine.

the surprise

Give the gift of serenity. The surprise is a one-off bespokely curated box designed to create a holistic wellbeing experience tailored specifically to someone special in your life, or as a one-off treat just for you.
The Surprise
One-Off Subscription Box
Wellbeing Subscription Box

step 1 - choose your surprise box


Includes 3 to 4 bespokely curated products and tips to discover unique ways to harness balance and happiness.


Includes 1 to 2 bespokely curated experiences (workshop, treatment, activity) and tips to make room for self-care and self-love.


Includes a mix of bespokely curated products + experiences and tips to bring the balance and serenity of a wellness retreat right to your door.

step 2 - tell us more about the lucky one

Step 3 - I would like to add a personal tarot reading to my box​

Our in-house tarot reader is here to provide you with general guidance. (If the box is for someone else, please mention the name of the person at checkout in the note section.)