unlock your self-healing power



Box No. 02: “I trust my healing journey and learn through love”.

Ruling Season: Spring


Your chakras are your energy centres, they connect you to the flow of others and the world around you.

What if you were given the keys to this world and those keys could help you flourish, prosper and enjoy your life even more? This HOJ box will guide you into tuning into your body’s energies and into the process of healing yourself.


Your body can heal itself in so many ways. And the good news is that you can augment the natural self-healing mechanism of your body by learning how to tune into the process.

When you tune into your body’s energies, you can truly change your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


This wellness retreat box includes:

CBD oil, inspiring books, calming supplements, organic skincare & heart-opening tea blends + “chakras, energy & self-healing” video workshop with Reiki Master Sushma Sagar.