Tap into your intuition (online)



This workshop is given by Psychic Medium Casey Mackey and is a pre-recorded video so you can watch it anywhere, anytime.


While we have so much power within ourselves, we don’t always trust our intuition. This workshop is here to help you to open your Solar Plexus and unlock your intuition power!


What is the experience:

Casey will discuss what Intuition is, how it works and where it exactly comes from within us. You will identify for yourself what your intuition feels like via a beautiful guided meditation. From here you will be taught how to use your intuition.

Casey will take you through a few exercises which you can do at home easily. These exercises will allow you to listen to your souls voice more carefully, open up your solar plexus chakra and bring your intuitive energy to the surface. You will then be shown how to complement your intuition by using oracle cards for guidance.

To finish this fun and interactive workshop, Casey will guide you through how your intuition affects your mind, body and soul. How it interacts with your other chakras and how mediums use this energy to read for others and themselves.

Through a small exercise, you will be able to intertwine your aura and intuition so you too can read energy, certain situations and allow for your decision making to be heightened, all by the power of our intuition.


Who is Casey:

Psychic Medium Casey Mackey, is the ultimate reference when it comes to the modern day medium. By the age of 21, Casey Mackey was already carving her path as a successful medium. She was doing psychic and mediumship readings, and was starting to teach her own way of introducing spiritualism into this fast-changing world. She also teaches at the reknown College of Psychic Studies in London.


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