tap into your intuition



Box No. 03: “My intuition grows stronger everyday”.

Ruling Season: Summer


Have you ever wondered what is intuition, how does it work and where does it come from within us? While we have so much power within ourselves, we don’t always trust our gut.


This HOJ box will guide you to open your solar plexus, identify for yourself what your intuition feels like and bring your intuitive energy to the surface.


Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool for decision making.

It provides us with a “gut” response – an inner voice ­– beyond logic or learned responses, revealing both who we are and the knowledge we have gained. If we listen, we can benefit from the creativity it offers and the feeling of confidence that it brings.


This wellness retreat box includes:

Oracle cards, cleansing kit, aromatherapy, mindful eye pillow & super-charged crystal candles + “tap into your intuition” video workshop with Psychic Medium Casey Mackey.


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