reconnect with your soul


Our guides-led retreats are created to provide a much-needed space to reconnect with your inner peace and rebalance your body, mind & soul to be able to thrive in your outer world.

These wellness retreats have been designed for busy souls traveling or working in London.

Each retreat lasts half a day, perfect to fit in your busy schedule and will immerse you into guided activities, mindful therapies and intentional workshops.


“Reconnect with your soul” is the last journey of our collection “Wellness retreats for busy souls”, which also includes “Reconnect with your body” and “Reconnect with your mind”.


Escape the stresses of daily life and embark on a journey to reconnect with your soul.

To re-awaken that wisdom within you with an intuition workshop, identifying for yourself what your intuition feels like via a beautiful guided meditation. You will learn to listen to your souls voice more carefully, to open up your solar plexus chakra and bring your intuitive energy to the surface. Then, embark on a past life regression hypnosis session to reclaim your purpose, power & clarity. And finish with a sound bath meditation for deeper insights about your life and your self. You will all get an oracle card reading at the end so you can get some guidance on what your soul needs to know.


This wellness retreat will leave you feeling 100% relaxed, connected to your soul and grounded, so you can start 2023 on a high (frequency) note and experience more insight and wisdom for this new year.


(This event also includes a goodie bag + snacks and drinks).


Where & when:

Interlude (Stoke Newington)

2 Leswin Place, Unit D

London N16 7NJ


Saturday the 25th of March

1pm to 4:15pm


meet your guides:

Olivia (Uma Gaia):

Olivia Panella (UMA GAIA) is a compassionate conduit; a holistic health practitioner; carrying a lifetime in healing arts and innate gifts from birth. She focuses on energy healing but is grounded in the real-world. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Leader, Quartz Crystal Sound Healer, Therapeutic Grade Crystal Healer and has training in additional alternative/ancient healing modalities.


Casey Mackey:

Psychic Medium Casey Mackey, is the ultimate reference when it comes to the modern day medium. By the age of 21, Casey Mackey was already carving her path as a successful medium. She was doing psychic and mediumship readings, and was starting to teach her own way of introducing spiritualism into this fast-changing world. She also teaches at the reknown College of Psychic Studies in London.


Nat (Van Zee Being):

Nat is an empowerment coach & hypnotherapist. She helps overwhelmed creatives and highly sensitive people reclaim their power and clarity by releasing blocks, limiting beliefs, phobias and pain. She coaches clients to follow their intuition and align with their purpose so they feel empowered to transform their lives and self-heal.