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This workshop is given by Holistic Massage Therapist Ayanna Birchwood + Sound Healing Practitioner and Somatic Coach Louise Shiels, and is a pre-recorded video so you can watch it anywhere, anytime.


Your body holds infinite wisdom and insight, pointing to what needs attention in your life. But how well do you hear its messages and answer its calls? Learn to reconnect with your body in this new House of J workshop!


What is the Experience:

The workshop starts with the Birchwood Body experience that is to BREATHE, MOVE & BE , as you immerse yourself in body massage, learning self-massage techniques where Ayanna teaches how you can hold the power back in your hands. A journey in finding self connection and how to incorporate these practices on a day to day basis. Ayanna shows you accessible massage practices that allow you to feel balanced and ease when facing everyday stresses. Understanding how you can alleviate pain and tension in the body, whilst building a loving relationship with yourself in the process.

Louise will then help you to press pause on the daily ritual of agendas and productivity to create space to slow down & re-connect to yourself through the restful practices of Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing. Yoga Nidra is an ancient Indian Yogic Sleep technique rooted in tantra teachings and helps us attune to our aliveness and true essential nature. You will begin with a deep guided Nidra practice followed by a crystal bowl sound journey. The frequencies from the bowls induce alpha brainwave states that transport us into dreamlike realms and encourage deep restfulness and restoration to all layers of our being.


Who are Ayanna and Louise:

Ayanna is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist. As a bodywork enthusiast, Ayanna uses her skills to help you get “back in touch” with yourself. Her brand Birchwood Body offers highly praised 1-1 bespoke massage treatments. A flow that’s intuitive and deep healing and tailored to your needs and concerns.

Louise is a Sound Healing Practitioner and Yoga Nidra facilitator guiding people towards re claiming their energy through these therapeutic rest systems. She holds nurturing spaces for groups and individuals to slow down, find embodied connection and experience more peace and well-being. Her brand Sound Awakening offers wellness retreats, cacao ceremonies, yoga Nidra and healing sound bath sessions.


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