listen to your body's messages



Box No. 04: “I am at home in my body”.

Ruling Season: Autumn


Your body holds infinite wisdom and insight, pointing to what needs attention in your life. But how well do you hear its messages and answer its calls?


This HOJ box will guide you into reconnecting with your body to protect you from becoming sick, from moving towards burnout and to show you when you’re living out of alignment with your true calling.


It is through your body that you can understand what needs attention in your life. Your body can alert you on so many things, it sends you signals each day. It’s important you make sure you listen to these signals.

This wellness retreat box includes:

Matcha kit, yoga practice, ayurvedic oils, gold ear seeds & plant-based skincare + “love your body” video workshop with Massage Therapist Ayanna Birchwood and Sound Healer / Somatic Coach Louise Shiels.