find your inner light



Box No. 05: “All I need is within me right now”.

Ruling Season: Winter


It’s important to take time to slow down, reflect, honour the within and interior self.

To sit with your being and champion all the things you have created and conquered in the past seasons leading up to today.

This HOJ box will guide you into re-awakening your wisdom so you can experience insight about your life, your relationships, and your self.


Your wisdom is always right there with you. This is a journey to move from confusion to clarity, from fuzzy to sharp focus – and from ordinary thinking to wisdom mind.


This wellness retreat box includes:

Party supplements, empowering stationery, soul bodycare, ayurvedic lattes & meditation candles +“find your inner light” video workshop with Sound Healer Uma Gaia & Priestess / Healer Leila Sadeghee.


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