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How come one word – LOVE – can have so many different feelings attached to it?


In this hour, we will dive into the 11 dynamics of Love, from the most crippling ones, making us desperate for care and attention, to the most empowering and joyful of experiences, when we find ourselves inspired, playful and invincible.


The session will also be the opportunity for you to get coaching on some of your most pressing questions regarding your relationships today.


Book a session with our in-house mindset + lifestyle coach, Magalie, and learn how to harness the power of emotions to find reliable and lasting guidance in your life ✨

Please note: once booked, Magalie will contact you to arrange a date and time that suits you best. (Current waiting time: 1 week).


Who’s Magalie:

Magalie is an author, mindset + lifestyle coach, artist, philosopher and psychic exploring psychology and spirituality to challenge the way we live today. her work offers new concepts fostering self-awareness and promoting a healthier culture of relating – with self and others – through enhanced emotional literacy and participative experiences.

Her primary focus is on love intelligence, creating alternatives to the limiting narratives we have, shifting from scarcity to abundance. in her coaching, she empowers her clients to gain clarity and manifest a life that allows for their deepest aspirations to come true.


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