Cultivating creativity & wellbeing (online)


This workshop is given by Reiki Master & Sound Healer UMA GAIA and is a pre-recorded video so you can watch it anywhere, anytime.


What is one passion of yours that may be “hidden within you”, or that you want to carve out more space for, or that you have always been curious about but have never tried because of judgement or even “imposter syndrome”.


What is one creative passion you are ready to spark within yourself and share with the world? Are you ready to ignite it? Perhaps you have been thinking of this passion for some time or perhaps it comes to you as you read this now; either way the knowledge below will guide you into nurturing your passions, your creativity and expansion of dreams.


What is the experience:

A multi-sensory workshop that will engage the mind, body and spirit; with a focus on harnessing and expanding your divine creativity.

Comprising of light body-movement, breathwork, teachings, creative sequences, Quartz sound Meditation, everyday integration tools.

You will focus and learn about the foundations of the Svadhisthana / Sacral / 2nd Chakra & the Vishuddha / Throat / 5th Chakra.

You will learn how to express yourself, even in the smallest of ways and how this naturally grows your creativity.

You will learn about the power of passion and the importance of nurturing it and about non-comparative mindset and how you are you and this is enough.

Finally, you will learn six simple ways to fuelling your creativity.


Who is UMA GAIA:

Olivia Panella (UMA GAIA) is a compassionate conduit; a holistic health practitioner; carrying a lifetime in healing arts and innate gifts from birth.

UMA GAIA focuses on energy healing but is grounded in the real-world. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Leader, Quartz Crystal Sound Healer, Therapeutic Grade Crystal Healer and has training in additional alternative/ancient healing modalities.


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