Cleansing & Intuition Kit


“I am empowered by my intuition, making choices that honour my authentic self.”


This Kit includes:

1 stick of Palo Santo (premium grade)

1 Eucalyptus bundle

1 Amethyst crystal

1 mini Intuition pulse oil

Use this kit for an intuition boost and to cleanse and purify your space of any negative or stagnant energy.

Use in your daily rituals and wellbeing practices working with crystal energy.


The ritual

Begin your day by lighting the included cleansing sage bundle and palo santo stick. As the purifying smoke fills your space, set powerful intentions to create a sacred space that supports your intuitive growth.

Use the intuition pulse oil on your pulse points and in the palms of your hands, allowing its magical scent to boost your intuition.

Hold your crystal in your hands and close your eyes. Visualise a bright light at the centre of your forehead, representing your Third Eye chakra—the seat of intuition. Envision this light expanding, illuminating your path, and guiding you towards making decisions aligned with your highest good. Breathe deeply and open your mind to receive any messages or insights that may arise.