Cleansing & Confidence Kit


“I am confident in every step I take.”


This Kit includes:

1 stick of Palo Santo (premium grade)

1 Seven chakras white Sage bundle

1 Selenite crystal

1 mini Self-confidence pulse oil

Use this kit for a self-confidence boost and to cleanse and purify your space of any negative or stagnant energy.

Use in your daily rituals and wellbeing practices working with crystal energy.


The ritual

Walk around your home or the space you wish to cleanse, holding the Selenite crystal. Wave it gently through the air in each room, allowing its cleansing energy to fill the space and clear any negative or stagnant energy.

Begin your day by lighting the included cleansing sage bundle and palo santo stick. As the purifying smoke fills your space, set powerful intentions for the day ahead. Affirm your confidence, self-worth, and the positive energy you wish to attract.

Before important meetings, social events, or presentations, anoint your pulse points with the Self-Confidence pulse Oil. Allow its uplifting scent to boost your confidence and create a positive aura around you.