Chakras, energy & self-healing (Video)



This workshop is given by Reiki Master & Author Sushma Sagar and is a pre-recorded video so you can watch it anywhere, anytime. Get access to this workshop by getting your “Unlock your Self-healing Power” wellness box.


Your chakras are your energy centres, they connect you to the flow of others and the world around you.

What if you were given the keys to this world and those keys could help you flourish, prosper and enjoy your life even more? Unlock your healing power now! 


What is the experience:

An introduction to energy, chakras and self-healing workshop. A mixture of theory and practical exercises to give you the lowdown on energy in your body and teach you how to use it to heal yourself.

You will learn:

1 – about the energy body and the chakra system; how it works and how to use it to feel better.

2 – how emotions affect your energy and how to counteract lower vibrations.

3 – how to generate energy both by yourself and how to get it from the universe.


Who is Sushma Sagar:

Sushma is a Master Healer Teacher in Reiki, Shamanic Energy Medicine & Meditation. She took a lifelong passion of healing and set about to take energy healing “out of the weird and into the weekday’’.

Sushma believes deeply in the power of energy healing as an empowering life transformational tool and is on a mission to encourage people to try it. She founded The Calmery, an energy medicine brand, in 2017.