Astrology Birth Chart Reading



Do you ever wonder what was happening in the sky the very moment you were born?

Discover your own personal chart, its hidden meanings and how it impacts your life.


Astrology is a powerful tool for self-awareness, self-healing and self-realisation. It can help illuminate one’s strengths and weaknesses, identify karmic patterns, and offer ideas on how to navigate challenging situations as well as increase the positive potential in one’s life.


Our in-house astrologer, Aya, will conduct a 1-hour live online consultation where she will walk you through your astrological blueprint and illuminate the main planetary forces at play across the various areas of your life, including your personality, relationships and career.


Required information (please write them in the note section at checkout):
1. Preferred name and gender pronouns
2. Date of birth (format: DD Month YYYY)
3. City/town of birth
4. Time of birth (as accurate as possible – if you do not know your exact time of birth, please mention this in the notes)

If you have a particular question or desired area to focus on, please specify this as well.


We will contact you to arrange your appointment after booking. The waiting time is currently about 2-3 weeks.

Who’s Aya:

Aya is an astrologer who specialises in jyotish (indian or vedic astrology). a lifelong student of the vedic sciences, she combines her understanding of ayurveda with astrology to assess the complex energies at play across the various domains of a person’s life. aya applies her sensibility with this ancient system of divine knowledge to provide practical guidance for self-healing in our modern times.