akashic healing ~ heal your past, present and future


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What are the Akashic Records?

Everything you’ve ever thought, said, and done is recorded in the Akashic Records – a collection of all human events, emotions, and experiences. These records connect us to our past lives and hold the keys to healing our present and future.

The Akashic Records contain the soul’s journey through time, storing all that has been and all that is yet to come.

When we tap into the Akashic Records, we can uncover deep wounds, limiting beliefs, and karmic bonds that shape our current path. Bringing awareness to these records allows us to rewrite our soul’s story.

The Akashic Records are fluid and changeable. We have the power to clear out old energy, rewrite our future, and align our soul purpose in each moment. By changing the records, we transform at a cellular level.


The 1-to-1 session

Step into your deepest wisdom by unlocking the records of your soul. This profound 1:1 session guides you through healing on multiple levels:

  • Age regression hypnosis meditation to unveil past traumas, limiting beliefs, and energy patterns that affect you now.
  • Processing the past with gentle self-reflection and discussion.
  • Receiving Reiki energy healing to dissolve blocks, clear chakras, and release pent-up emotions.
  • Ceremonially rewriting the past by removing disempowering narratives and reframing with compassion.
  • Infusing positive, aligned energy into your being with personalised affirmations and mantras.
  • Exploring your present path and possibilities through Tarot guidance.
  • Sound healing with crystal bowls to shift your vibration into alignment with your highest future self.

By the end of our sacred time together, you will feel refreshed, realigned, and resonating at your soul’s true frequency. The Akashic healing allows you to reconcile the past, optimise the present, and unlock your future highest potential. You will walk away unburdened by old stories, feeling inspired and empowered to create new ones.

The benefits:

  • Greater self-awareness & understanding of your energy patterns
  • Release of trapped emotions, stress and energetic blocks
  • Harmonising your energy centers & levels of being
  • Heightened intuition & inner wisdom
  • Deeper sense of purpose & soul embodiment


Duration: This is a 3 hours session, which can be done in one session or split in two sessions.

Location: It can take place from the comfort of your home (London based), online or at Still London, E8 4AE


Your Practitioner:

Jane is a Reiki & Sound Healing Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader and Akashic Healer. She is also the founder of House of Jiriki which was created after realising the impact that wellbeing rituals & holistic and spiritual practices had on her ability to harness her own happiness. She became passionate about helping others do the same.