Preparing for a Luminous 2024 〜 December Rituals

photo by Rod Woodcox

As we move through the potent portal between years, let’s harness the unique energy of this threshold time.

The December holidays allow us to turn inward, assess the outgoing year, and crystallise dreams for the next – perfect for rituals of reflection, release, and renewal.

Here are suggested practices to try:

🔮 On December 24th, create a gratitude list of your 2023 lessons and silver linings. Burn it as an offering of closure.

🔮 Until the end of December, fill a jar with paper strips naming burdens, baggage or hardships from 2023. On New Year’s Eve, bury the jar to compost those energies into fertile 2024 soil.

🔮 Spend meaningful time pondering these journal prompts between Christmas and New Year’s:

  • What parts of myself do I need to outgrow to step into a new chapter? What have I overcome?
  • What hidden gifts or superpowers emerged recently that I will carry with courage into the future?
  • What intentions feel exciting and aligned to focus on in 2024? How can I structure goals to support my vision?

May your holiday season be filled with the warmth of self-love, family, and spiritual connection!