Plant a garden in the House of J Box

photo by Cottonbro

Every year, tons of plastic waste from packaging material fills up our landfills, contributing to the planet’s growing waste crisis. In order to mitigate this crisis, we must make collective efforts to use reusable or recyclable materials as often as possible.

Our wellbeing Box comes in a clamshell box which is made from recycled cardboard, uses no glue or dyes and is 100% recyclable.

Here’s how you can use the Box to grow your very own little garden!

How it works

  1. Cut your House of J box in two, so you separate the bottom part from the top part. You now have two trays.
  2. Fill each tray with compost (pesticides free please).
  3. Add the plantable paper (including the box, which comes from eco-friendly stationery Ruby & Bo) on top of the soil. You can also use other flower seeds you would like to see growing and add them to the second tray.
  4. Cover the plantable paper and seeds with a thin layer of compost (5mm is deep enough).
  5. Water well, all over.
  6. Leave in a sunny place and water regularly.
  7. You should see shoots within 1 to 2 weeks.


Not only does gardening have some lovely health benefits, it’s perfect for living in the moment. When you plant your plantable paper or seeds, envision some of your own positive energy going into the soil. After you plant your seeds, you can observe how your small sprouts are transforming into beautiful flowers and plants: the manifestation of your attention and patience.

Watch your little garden bloom with renewed energy!

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