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We are so glad to have ethical self-care brand with Adaptogens, Mushrooms & Tonic Herbs: Nature’s Antidote part of our coming Winter Box! We have interviewed her gorgeous founder: Lili Büchner.

Who are you, where are you from and where in the world are you now?

I’m Lili, founder of Nature’s Antidote. I’m from Germany originally and now live in tropical Sri Lanka from where I manage the Nature’s Antidote operations in the UK.

How often do you take some “me time” and how important it is for you?

Daily! It’s one of the most important things for me to stay balanced, energised and in flow. I go on long walks while listening to music, meditate, journal or do Yoga. I really feel so nourished after me time and it allows me to be the best version of myself, especially when I’m with other people and in regards to my business.

What are your favourite wellbeing rituals to do at home?

I think my number one is meditation. It has completely changed my life, my spiritual path and my stress levels. I love to combine meditation with other mindfulness rituals such as a personalised tea ceremony (mostly with Nature’s Antidote products such as Reishi, Lion’s Mane or Ashwagandha), gratitude practices or simply cleansing my space with sage, palo santo or incense sticks.

What are the benefits of your brand to a person’s wellbeing?

There are multiple. It definitely also depends on the product and what you want to get out of your body, but they range from building resistance against stress (Reishi, Ashwagandha) to increasing your brain functions such as memory and focus (Lion’s Mane, Mush Love) to boosting the immune system immensely (Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane). But one of the main things I would say is that once you start integrating them on a daily basis, the relationship to your body changes. When you become more aware and start to observe your body and any changes that have occurred through taking our products, you automatically become more mindful and in tune.

What does intuition mean to you? And do you follow it often?

My intuition is my number one guide when it comes to making decisions and simply living my life in flow. I’m a very intuitive person and it has become very strong in the past years, mainly through a regular meditation practice, which I’m so grateful for. It’s difficult to describe it, but when something feels wrong I don’t do it, just as the other way around, when something feel super right and aligned, but doesn’t make sense necessarily, I will follow it nevertheless. While I value other people’s input and opinions, my intuition is my number one decision guide.

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