Love Alchemy

Heartbreak is tough. When you face problems in a relationship or go through a breakup, you start to question everything. You start to wonder what went wrong, and even doubt your worth, thinking “Am I not deserving of love?”

an invitation to transform your love relationships

Love and relationships are a beautiful journey, but without the right tools of communication and self-awareness, they can often feel like a maze.


We are here to tell you that you don’t have to feel this way. When we deeply understand ourselves, not only do we navigate challenges with grace and strength, but we also find a partner who truly values and uplifts us, helps us reach our highest potential.

Introducing the New & Revamped Love Alchemy Journey, unlocking your ability to have fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.
If heartbreak, misunderstandings, and conflicts might have left you questioning love, this package weaves neuroscience with timeless spiritual wisdom, and will ensure complete healing of your mind, body, and soul.

the love alchemy experience

  • Understand your Why: dive deep into your attachment and communication styles. Recognise your patterns and learn why you’re drawn to certain individuals or experiences, ensuring you make informed choices in the future.
  • Healing from Past Hurts: release past burdens and find forgiveness for the times you felt hurt.
  • Cultivate Conscious Connections: understand your triggers and engage in relationships mindfully. Connect with those who truly match your values and life aspirations.
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Your 3-Month Package:

This is a 3-month transformative package combining the magic of digital learning, engaging monthly online masterclasses, and immersive quarterly in-person sessions.

  • 9 Video Courses: dive into the basic 9 foundational lessons that merge neuroscience, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. Understand your repeating patterns in love, rewrite your romantic narrative, and set the stage for a more fulfilling romantic path.
  • Two Free Online Masterclasses: topics chosen by our community, diving deep into love’s complexities. Past topics include Breakup Recovery and Conflict Management, and upcoming circles will take place in December 2023 and January and February 2024.
  • In-person Events Every Quarter: join our rejuvenating sessions at a reduced rate of only £11.11 instead of the regular £33. Our next one’s in late November.
  • Exclusive Discounts on 1-on-1 Sessions with Practitioners: get 11% off with our love experts.

Your small investment

All this, for just £33/month for 3 months – the cost of a dinner in London.


More than a meal, it’s an investment in your future in love.

Grab this amazing value and empower yourself to tackle love’s challenges with newfound clarity and confidence.

our team of expert practitioners

Aya Monteverde: Aya seamlessly blends Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish, energy healing, and Japanese tea ceremony. She will catalyse a profound transformation within you, sparking an internal journey that resonates with the deepest layers of your soul.


Jane Marle: Jane employs Reiki, Sound Healing, Psychic Mediumship, and Tarot to bring equilibrium into your life. She will clear your path, ensuring your journey towards love is unhindered and harmonious.


Mahima Razdan: Mahima is a Hypnotherapist trained by Marisa Peer. Her mission is to empower you, bringing your heart’s most profound desires to the forefront of your existence.

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join our course today

Don’t let another day go by feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your love life. Join our program and start your journey to profound, lasting love. With the help of our guides, you’ll not just find love, but you’ll create it – from within yourself, extending outwards to others. Your transformation awaits.