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We are so happy to have supportive skincare & aromatherapy brand: ede, which is part of our coming Spring Box! We have interviewed her lovely founder Eve.

Who are you, where are you from and where in the world are you now?

I’m Eve, originally from North Wales and currently living in the Midlands.

How often do you take some “me time” and how important it is for you?

Everyday. My most important “me time” ritual and probably the longest reigning ritual is getting an early night. I’ve found over the years that I really don’t function well with any lack of sleep. I feel anxious and foggy. It sounds really simple but putting myself to bed is probably one of my greatest achievements. I’ve been reading Matthew’s Walkers Why We Sleep this year and it couldn’t have ignited my passion for getting to bed any more!

What are your favourite wellbeing rituals to do at home?

Small moments of self-massage, focussing on tense shoulders, opening the neck and chest, stress held in my jaw. Putting my feet up with a book, I prefer fiction for relaxing. Taking a little more time to care for my skin on my body in the morning (sometimes with skincare we forget we are more body than face).

What are the benefits of your brand to a person’s wellbeing?

I consider every product a tool to help towards a person’s wellbeing, creating daily self-love routines for yourself via the products and it just so happens that the byproduct of doing this is supported and nurtured skin. I think the most important take home is slowing down and acknowledging how you feel in the moment rather than continuous distractions and avoidance.

What does healing mean to you? And do you practice self-healing often?

I don’t use the word healing as much as I do self-care and self-love. I think I operate from a prevention rather than cure aspect and the word heal to me implies that something is broken, needing to be fixed. It’s not my personal goal to become “fully healed” but to appreciate that when moments of hardship arise I have the self-care toolbox to manage it.

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