7 Chakras White Sage Bundle

akashic healing ~ heal your past, present and future

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Do you ever wonder what was happening in the sky the very moment you were born? Discover your own personal chart, is hidden meanings and how it impacts your life.

Cleansing & Confidence Kit

Cleansing & Intuition Kit

Eucalyptus Bundle

Mediumship and Guidance

This is a great session for open hearted soul seekers who are looking for guidance and feel ready to receive support from the spirit world.

Palo Santo ~ Premium Grade

Rapid Transformation Therapy

Reiki, Tarot & Sound Healing 1-1

Self-Confidence Body Oil

This body oil is full of properties from the bay laurel which brings self-confidence, to the marjoram for self-compassion and sweet orange to help not feeling guilty.

Tarot Reading

Do you need guidance on a particular aspect of your life? Do you have a specific question? Trust that you will receive what you need to hear on that particular moment of your life.