Chakras, energy & self-healing (online)

Cultivating creativity & wellbeing (online)

Find your inner light (online)

Love your body (online)

reconnect with your body

To allow yourself a moment to flow with a restore yoga session, before creating your own self-confidence oil and learning the art of self-love body massage. Finish with a relaxing tea ceremony and meditation.

reconnect with your mind

To honour your interior self and unlock the vibrant power of the mind with a manifestation ceremony followed by an empowering hypnosis session before fully letting go during a healing sound bath meditation.

reconnect with your soul

Tap into your intuition (online)

tea, breathwork & reiki ceremony x LDC

Discover the art of tea ceremony before embarking on a releasing breathwork journey and meditation while receiving healing reiki energy to unlock any blockages and gain more clarity.

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