Astrology ~ June 2023

written by Beatrice Robinson

Here are your predictions for the month of June:

Cosmic Forecast:

The beginning of June is an energetic continuation of late May, when the Sun moved into Gemini. This energy intensifies as we move further into the month, with an emphasis on thought processes, communication and versatility. Words are our friend as the Sun moves through this sign — cultivated by Mercury’s entrance on June 11 and then refined by the New Moon here, on June 18.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 4) is also a way to understand Gemini’s process. Sagittarius sits on the axis opposite this sign, giving an alternate vantage point — to observe and understand how and what makes Gemini work. Distanced enough to be objective, yet intrinsically tied through mutual interests in knowledge (logic vs. philosophy).

As we move into the second half of the month we experience Venus’ shift from Cancer into Leo. This is a stark contrast in agenda — from a need to nourish and be caregivers to our own emotions, into a much more robust and externally oriented need for creative self-expression. Venus’ move symbolizes a progression from sourcing internal security, to drinking from the well of external validation.

We end the month moving into more emotionally intuitive territory. After working with and integrating the analytical and fast-paced information experienced as the Sun and Mercury moved through Gemini, there’s a recognition of the subtext — and that not all forms of communication are tangible.

Meet Beatrice Robinson:

Beatrice is COSMIC FORECAST, a professional astrologer and writer. 

She is certified by the School of Traditional Astrology, London and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from CalArts.

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