A tea ceremony for inner peace

Dating back to the ninth century as a Buddhist practice, the tea ceremony was adapted by the Japanese as a way to be fully immersed in the present moment.

The Japanese tea ceremony is preparing, serving, and drinking tea in a ritualistic and ceremonial way where it is used to promote wellbeing, mindfulness, and harmony.

The wisdom that results from quietness and reflection during a tea ceremony, has the potential to expand consciousness—and find inner peace.

You can of course get inspired by the classic tea ceremony and do this ritual at home and alone:

The key is to really live in the present moment, taking your time for each step:

1 – boiling some water

2 – choosing a beautiful cup

3 – mixing your favourite blend of tea and infusing it

4 – setting an intention

5 – drinking it slowly

6 – meditating

7 – journaling

A tea ceremony is a great way to meditate as you relish in the calm and stillness of simply having a hot cup of tea. It’s very powerful when you need a moment of pause any time of the day when feeling too stressed or overwhelmed.

You’d be surprised by what comes to your mind from just drinking tea. Let your mind wander and journal about what’s coming to you.

It’s at the same time a great therapy too, you can gain clarity, wisdom and inner healing that is deeply moving and meditative, and can open doorways to our higher selves. 

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